Coronavirus / Covid-19 Debt Recovery Manchester & Lancashire

Manchester & NW businesses are turning their attention to recovering old legacy debts in the wake of a squeeze on cash flow due to the impact of Covid-19 on small and mediums sizes companies.

With a wealth of experience in this area Charles at CKE Law has been working hard to recover both recent debts directly associated with Covid-19 as well as old legacy debts with no bearing on the current situation.

Charles at CKE Law advises: “as long the debt is legitimate and not time barred in any way then it is worth pursuing. It could keep your company afloat, workers in employment and food on the table at the expense of a bigger company that might not even need the cash and have simply avoided payment in the past as they thought they could. You would be shocked as to how many debts exist simply because a bigger company think they can bully a supplier and meanwhile the owner of the smaller company simply didn’t want the hassle and to create a bad feeling within their market by chasing a debt that at the time was considered a huge inconvenience but not necessarily a disaster”.

So, whether if you are a B2B supplier and have a dispute with a major customer over unpaid goods or services it doesn’t have to be recent or related to Covid-19 so, contact us now for us to help and a free review of what the legal options are.

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