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Equine Law

Owning a horse can mean that dreams of galloping across the fields whenever you want to, or competing in smart events, can quickly get replaced by worries, responsibilities and liabilities. It is easy to get swept away in the fun and excitement and end up having to muck-out more than just a stable.

At CKE Law we know the difference between a bridle and a dandy-brush and will understand your detailed requirements from day one. We think you are safer with a specialist equine lawyer and because our experts actually own horses for themselves, they really know what it is you need. Whether you are involved with horses professionally or as a hobby, you can rely on the team of equine lawyers at CKE Law.

We understand your issues, concerns and objectives because we take the time to listen to you, but also because our solicitors own horses and compete with them. We use our equine and legal knowledge to find solutions that work for you.

Our specialist equine solicitors are widely regarded as trusted experts in equine law, advising on legal matters that affect the ownership of horses and the associated services provided. We work with horse owners, equine professionals, livery-yard owners and veterinary practices, providing services ranging from drafting agreements to resolving disputes and pursuing negligence claims.

  • Sale & Purchase Disputes
  • Sale & Purchase Agreements
  • Riding Accident
  • Veterinary Disputes
  • Veterinary Negligence
  • Banned Substances Hearings
  • Loan Agreements
  • Ownership Agreements
  • Livery Agreements
  • Stud Contracts
  • Insurance Claims
  • Grazing Agreements
  • Training Agreements
  • Trainer/Rider Negligence
  • Syndicate Agreements
  • Equestrian Business Sales
  • Horse Valuation Advice
  • RSPCA Defence
  • Horse Welfare
  • Equine business Start-Ups
  • Insurance Contracts

Our equine law specialist have one thing in common, which is a genuine passion for horses. It is this passion, coupled with years of hands-on equestrian experience, that means our team can help you by providing unrivalled advice on all equine issues.  You will be safe in the knowledge that the lawyer you are dealing with really understands the issue and can often relate to such issues with personal as well as legal experience.

For more information, please contact our equine lawyers today by calling 0161 503 1717. Alternatively, you can complete the online enquiry form below and a member of our team will call you back to discuss your situation.